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“Nonprofit” and “No Risk” are not Bedfellows
Steve Martin and His Banjo
More Businesses “Target” Healthcare
MLK Speech Is Worth Remembering For More Than One Reason
Extraordinary Bosses are… Well, Extraordinary

“Nonprofit” and “No Risk” are not Bedfellows

For those  serving on staff and on the Board of nonprofits, a very real issues is upon us.  Nonprofit Quarterly posted this morning a very important article outlining the “risk” faced by nonprofits.  The case at hand is regarding the Lemington Home for the Aged of Pennsylvania who was recently found in breach of their duty of[…]

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Steve Martin and His Banjo

Hey look, whether you love or strongly dislike the banjo, it really doesn’t matter to me.  This is my blog… can post other things on your blog.  However, I tend to like the banjo, the bluegrass genre and Steve Martin.

Watching this just reaffirms to me, that @SteveMartinToGo is a genius entertainer.  Wow is he talented!

MLK Speech Is Worth Remembering For More Than One Reason

As the country celebrates and remembers the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s famous speech, “I Have a Dream”, it is worth remembering for more than one reason.  And in case you are unaware of why such hullaballoo exists in the first place, I have posted the video below.


This graphic associates the size of the word with it’s frequency in the MLK “I Have a Dream” speech.
SOURCE: Six Minutes

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If you are like me, and find yourself always wanting and needing to better your public speaking, then you need to do more than just watch.  I recommend you read the analysis of the speech as well over at Six Minutes.   You can find the analysis here.

The primary points of analysis of the speech are as follows:

  1. Emphasize phrased by repeating them at the beginning of sentences
  2. Repeat key “theme” words throughout your speech
  3. Utilize appropriate quotations or allusions
  4. Use specific examples to ground your arguments
  5. Use metaphors to highlight contrasting concepts

And if that is not enough the full transcript is available here as well.

Watch the video.

Read the analysis

Study the speech.

Extraordinary Bosses are… Well, Extraordinary

“Often times the difference between mediocrity and exceptional is the willingness to keep your bottom in the chair until the task is complete.”  – John MacArthur (paraphrase) posted an article that ALL leaders should take a close look at.  Author Jeff Haden does a fabulous job of quickly and precisely outlining those things that[…]

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