Who Am I?


First and foremost, I am a happy father of four wonderful kids, husband of one gorgeous wife, owner of two completely disobedient dogs,and roughly 15 oblivious koi fish.    Other than that, I am an entrepreneurial leader with more than 20 years’ experience taking responsibility for the growth of organizations.

I am a nonprofit entrepreneur, advocate, speaker, and writer.  I help nonprofit leaders align their organizations with their stated vision, creating value for their donors and maximizing their outreach through missional and organizational excellence.

This site is focused on issues of leadership, personal responsibility, and the ever changing landscape of success in the non-profit arena.  And, if you are lucky, once in a while you will see a personal rant on an “unattached item of interest” that has crossed my desk.

I have been engaged in public speaking on a wide array of topics since 2001 to both large and small audiences.  These topics have included “Leadership Development”, “Organizational Effectiveness”, “Social Involvement” – all of which revolve around my three core personal issues –  Truth, Vision, and Integrity.

To ask about my availability you can contact me by clicking on “Contact Me” at the top of this page.

I believe in the ability and potential of the non-profit sector.


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