A Matter Of Life

On March 31st, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, signed SB 1367, a piece of legislation that gives instruction that all physicians in attendance during an abortion procedure to “see that all available means and medical skills are used to promote, preserve and maintain the life of the fetus…” In other words, if a baby endures the abortion and is living, physicians are not allowed to simply let that baby die.

This piece of legislation seems straightforward and should be applauded by members of both sides of the political aisle. After all, it is simply standing up for a person born alive. But shockingly, that was not the case. One state senator went so far as to call the bill “ghastly” and “It’s clearly intended on its face to make it more difficult for abortion clinics to stay in business in Arizona.” According this state senator the abortion industry takes precedence over the value of human life. That is what is truly ghastly.

Human life has a value that is unique to anything else. Plants, insects, and our loving Fido do not have the ability to love, reason, and have a fullness of life that is available to a human being. As such, all possible measures should be taken to preserve that life regardless of age or state of health. In the end, LIFE MATTERS.

I, for one, applaud Governor Ducey for standing for the value of human life and not falling for the the vapid arguments of a life-ending industry.

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