Who is Your Choice for Online Giving?

If you are a nonprofit two items are indispensable to you. 1) An engaging website and 2) Online giving.  After searching for an inexpensive AND reliable online giving option I have chosen BlueFire Donations.  Here’s why:


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Super Affordable
You can’t get better affordability than FREE.  BlueFire is free to add to your site.  There are no monthly fees, API fees, or per transaction fees.  They serve as the processor and gateway and only charge 3% per transaction for a credit card and 1% for e-check.  That’s it.

Easy Integration
BlueFire Donations is easy.  With a couple of quick points and clicks you can add a giving widget to your website that allows quick donations to be made without making your donors leave to a third party site.  They stay on your website and give to your organization. Better yet, you can choose to which funds your donors can give and assign them account numbers that correlate to your accounting system. If  you have multiple giving funds, you can also group those fund for easier drop down navigation. If that isn’t enough then consider the fact that the form can be modified (color, font, etc.) so that it fits in with the design of your website. Just a One more thing… it is completely responsive, making it easy to use on all platforms. Pretty cool!

Very Secure
An issue that is of utmost importance today is the security.  You don’t want your information being broadcast throughout the internet.  I have chosen BlueFire because they use military-grade encryption for their giving app.  That means your information stays where you place it.  That is really important to me when I give, I am sure it is for you as well.

Quick Access to Funds
Lastly, the reason I recommend BlueFire is because you have access to the donations in approx. 3 business days.  The funds are directly deposited into your account. Once the donor places the donation on your site, they get an automated giving receipt for their taxes and you get the funds transferred to your bank.

BlueFire Donations has all the necessary components that quickly allows a small or start up nonprofit make the most of online giving.  There really is no reason not to make this part of your online presence.

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