Facing Reality


Much has been said by all sides, both is disgust and with adulation, regarding the new administration of Donald Trump. Regardless of political affiliation, one thing is for certain, he is everyone’s President.

Reminiscent of the  apprehension conservatives experienced with the election of Barack Obama, those on the liberal side of the electorate, will have to come to terms with the new President. To say with great emotion “Not my President!” accomplishes little apart from elevating your personal satisfaction by showing the world you are able to beat your chest and stand against the so-called “machine”.  But then what? Reality, though sometimes delayed, in the end is still reality. And President Trump, for all his faults, is still the President. His policies, whether good or bad, affect us all.

As Christians we are called to stand against what is wrong or unjust – but to do so without being mired in emotional tirades. We are called to stand with those afflicted with injustice, to serve them graciously and sacrificially. However, we are not called to the degrading rhetoric that fills the air or the witty, misleading memes that clog social media.  There is a radical middle to be occupied. Find it.

If western Christians continue to hitch their cultural wagons to a political philosophy, whether liberal or conservative, Christianity’s cultural influence will die a slow death as it is rolled over and left in the ruts created by the “wheels of progress” to which it pinned it’s allegiance.  When you raise your cultural banner, raise it for Jesus, not a political point of view – for the latter only degrades the beauty of the former.  

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