Keeping the Economic Downturn in Perpective

Thanks to Donald Marron for the following graphs that he put together.  Our current downturn numbers is data he gathered from the Wall Street Journal May Survey.

This first graph shows the five largest economic declines in real GDP (Gross Domestic Product) since WWII.  We are in one of the worst since 1947 for sure.



Now here is the same data as compared to that of the Great Depression.  Facts are stubborn things.


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  • Doug: Your graphs illustrate perfectly the insane view the current leadership and liberal press have about this economy. Sure, things are difficult. Alot of people are losing jobs, homes, etc. I refuse to fall into the trap they have elaborately set. I refuse to give in to despair and fear. I refuse to believe all the misinformation and hysteria they are spewing.

    But what about the bigger picture? Your quote from Malcolm Hunter is spot on. Out of troubled times arises the opportunity for men and women to take on more personal responsibility..a chance to allow God to reinvent their lives into something that is more fulfilling and amazing than we ever imagined.

    I thank God for the many blessings he has given me and my family. I choose to live in hope, wonder and awe of what He has planned for me next.

    Susan Bidell

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