Short -Term Missional Activities

I was tinkering with this blog this morning and realized I haven’t had a new post in almost a month. After moving over to blogger last month from a self-hosted solution, I have been overwhelmed in “stuff”. Sorry about that.

However, I have been thinking…..

I was at my son’s baseball game a couple of weeks ago and I found myself asking a question something like, “Lord, how do I be missional to my immediate baseball community?” As I continued to think about it I think God, in his greatness, puts us in positions where we would never go on our own.

Let me explain. As I think about the direction of my life and ministry I would never contemplate the expansive mission field known as little league baseball. But, that does not abdicate my responsibility to be missional in the community in which I find myself. If my 11-year old son wants to play baseball, then one of the responsibilities I have as a parent is to empower him in his personal dreams. But in so doing I also have a responsibility to consider what surroundings the Lord is allowing me to experience. Consider it a local short term outreach. In my case approx. 2 months. So instead of sighing deep breaths with each new location and time schedules between he and my daughter’s softball games, I now look through the lens of potential outreach with each practice. Let’s be honest one of the best times to strike up conversation is at practice with other parents. It is the ultimate “relationship evangelism”. Affinity is based on youth baseball. Commonality lies in the efforts to fit the spring schedule in to already pack family activities. The missing component is the open door to share the Gospel. And believe me this comes as free conversation occurs. Perfect.

Where does he have you? Is it possible when we wonder how we will make it through a season physically or emotionally, we really should be asking how we will make it missionally? A proper perspective enables and motivates us in the spirit, granting us physical and emotional stamina.

But then again, I was just thinking……

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